1. In order to use iperf3, it must be initially installed through:
yum -y install iperf3
  1. iperf3 works using two servers, one client and one server to test the network bandwidth and performance.
  2. To invoke iperf3 on the client, which is the one receiving the data, run the following command.
      1. iperf3 -i 2 -s
      2. The -i flag tells iperf to listen in intervals of, in this case, 2 seconds. This can be changed to whatever interval you wish. The -s flag tells this server to act as a listening server.
  3. On another server, you must invoke the iperf3 command to send out data to the receiving server. In order to do so use the following command, while adding and changing flags as needed.
      1. iperf3 -i 2 -t 30 -b 10 -c
      2. The -i 2 flag tells the server to send out data in intervals of 2 seconds.
      3. The -t 30 flag tells iperf3 to run for 30 seconds
      4. The -b 10 flag tells the server to use a maximum bandwidth of 10Mbps
      5. The -c flag tells the server where the listening client is