Cisco WLC 2504 - Wifi Controller

Initial Setup

  1. Boot up the WLC and connect to it through a serial connection to the console.
  2. Enter the following to factory reset the system.
    1. Recover-Config
  3. Follow initial configuration, make sure to terminate auto-install by typing "yes" once the controller boots up.
    1. Enter a name for the system
    2. Enter an administrative name such as "root" or "admin"
    3. Enter an administrative password
    4. Enable or disable link aggregation
    5. Enter a management IP address to remote login to the WLC.
    6. Enter the management netmask, such as
    7. Enter the default gateway
    8. Enter a VLAN identifier, if there are no VLANs enter 0.
    9. Enter 1 as the management interface port.
    10. Enter the servers DHCP address, usually the same as the default gateway.
    11. Enter a nonexistent, fictitious IP for the virtual gateway IP.
    12. Enter a multicast address.
    13. Enter a name for the "Mobility/RF Group"
    14. Enter an SSID.
    15. Enable DHCP bridging mode.
    16. Allow static IPs.
    17. Enable/Disable RADIUS server.
    18. Enter "US" as the country code.
    19. Enable all of the networks.
    20. Enable Auto-RF
    21. Configure the NTP server
  4. Run the following commands to enable the web console and then reset the WLC.
    1. config network secureweb enable
    2. config network webmode enable
    3. config network mgmt-via-wireless enable
    4. reset system
  5. Run an Ethernet cord from the switch to port 1 of the WLC.
  6. Login to the web console using the management IP set earlier.
  7. Under the "WLAN" tab, select the network created during setup.
    1. Go to "Security"
    2. Enable "PSK" and enter a password for the network. And apply.

Configure Access points

  1. Plug the wireless antennas into a POE switch and allow them to turn on, the boot process and recognition from the WLC may take some time.
  2. Go to the "Wireless" tab of the WLC web console.
  3. Select the access point you wish to configure.
  4. Select "Clear All Config" at the bottom of the page to factory reset the antenna.
  5. Once the antenna is booted and recognized again, edit the name.
  6. Set a static IP address by enabling the "Static IP" box and enter the details.

Enabling Bonjour for Printer Access

  1. Enable "Global Multicast Mode", "IGMP Snooping" and "MLD Snooping" as shown in the image below.